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January 22, 2012
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Fatal Frame, Himuro Mansion by kangeis Fatal Frame, Himuro Mansion by kangeis
Hiya wanderer,

As "promised", the maps are being done.

First, Himuro Mansion. I probably forgot a lot of ghosts and items. But I won't be able to play agai (and check everything back) before a few monthes. Still, the main thing is good and there must be most of it.

The cuts between each piece of the map were hard to past together but i think it'll be good enough.

I'm really not sure about my talent for japanese caligraphy, so please forgive me if i butchered something.

Oh yeah, i forgot the caption. Most are obvious i think but might as well put them.

H is medicinal herb,
X is standing ghost,
o for spirit orb,
S for stone mirror,
W for holy waters
T for texts (or audio tapes, etc)
arrows are vanishing ghosts,
crossed arrows are hostile ghosts,
0,1,2,3,4 upon the night where it is. (Although i think some spiritstones may stay sometimes from a night to the next)

The map will be reworked later on so, to fill what i missed, and eventual mistakes.

The next one will be Minakami village
Viva yaoi & yuri

2012.01.26 Edit :
I guess fatal frame is far more popular than Ror, i never had that many views, favs & comments in such short notice.

Rejoice lurkers, it's not over yet.
By the way, anyone knows how much screwy it is to draw a pentagone without a compass? Damn, i love challenges with maps. Simply puting each stairway where it's suppose to be in every level is already funny. I guess the rope altar is meant to be directly below the buddha temple, mine slopily goes there. I didn't see the need to do it accurately. (the real reason is i didn't want to draw another pentagon: )

Long life to the rope maiden! (...?)

2012.05.30 Edit :

The new version is now completed and processed.
So, yeah, instead of ajusting the first one, i prefered to fully do it again. I'm a bit insane, but i loved that work. I needed it, i'm a bit on edge lately. Well, anyway, not much else to tell. The map is now complete, and i do mean complete.
Please enjoy.

Real size : 1.0 x 0.65 m

Edit : lower weight picture should be easier, if it worked.
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i like himuro mansion i be sure that before the calamity it was a beautiful place, a great place to live
I like it too, I would love to have a house built on this kind of model. It is luxurious... But it's a bit too excentric too. From the large entrance, you have to go through a small corridor, then the big hall, then a small corridor... It's like the architect was becoming a bit senile. It's funny to play but it would be hell to live in an exact replica.

One funny thing is that in Rule of Rose or Obscure, there was lavatories in sufficient amount (realistic amount), while in the fatal frame, there aren't any at all. That's one of the missing things, along with, let's say kitchen, dining room...

I must go. Thanks for sharing your thought!
aye the way corridors and room are random sizes are quite odd, but with things like kitchens, bathroom, toilets etc as you say, id be happy to live there, well if its like it was before the calamity that is =)
Yep, if the architect had been a bit less of a nutjob, and if you were to had all modern comfort, that place is actually really cool. Though I may want to make sure the undergrounds are sealed.
i think id leave the underground tunnels open, so i could explore them
Looking forward to Rougetsu Hall ^_^
Well then, that's a choice. I was considering asking someone here to chose for me which map i should do first. (Choice between FF2 wii edition, FF3, FF4, obscure, obscure 2, Ror makeover, or even ib)
I'm so busy i don't have time to work on any, but having to chose was a bother, and a waste of time.
You have chosen Rougetsu, so Rougetsu will be the next map done. And I know from the roughs it will be... a monster. (Since I make all the different maps cling to each other, the map end up rather large, even though most of things happen in the hospital & mansion)

I didn't considered using clear print or any professional (architect) media. My maps started, and are done on paper with small squares. You can see that the unit to everything is half a centimeter, everywhere. I have to stretch things a bit of course, since all corridors doesn't have the same width obviously; but it's easier for me (and hard enough already). Now i paint them because i like it and help filling the voids. So clear print wouldn't be the best option.

However, I also consider making separate maps for exterior and interior of the buildings, to allow an easier handle of them. Switching would be easier than zooming on minakami for instance. There, it could be better.

I may want to do that for Rougetsu, since 80% of the game is withing two buildings taking only 10% of the map.
I'll see.

Now I must go back to work.
(Is it shocking if I'm using i instead of I? My teacher scolded me for that.)
Hahahah! I always have asked for the complicated things in life ^_^' I'm certainly looking forward to things. Work/school is important though, so don't ignore that.

Clear print does have a grid pattern to it, if you look at the right place.

It is a little bit unusual considering we were taught to capitalize 'I' in the first grade.
Oh my jeebus, this makes things easier.

Totes the kind of person who needs something concrete in front of me.
I'm glad it does, that's quite the reason why i make these maps.

I have the necessary datas to make the maps of all other fatal frame, but it will take some time.

Thank you for your word.
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