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October 24, 2013
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Fatal Frame 3, Manor of Sleep by kangeis Fatal Frame 3, Manor of Sleep by kangeis
Project Zero 零 3 (Fatal Frame 3)
刺青の聲 (Nemuri no Ie) - Manor of sleep.

Manor of Sleep B1 & B2
Manor of Sleep 1F
Manor of Sleep 3F & 2F
Rei's House
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Whoa, you finally made it! :D
I'm sorry I didn't reply your previous notes before. :(
This is really great though!

Btw, they use your Himuro mansion map here;…
Did you know this? ^^

Hello hello,

yep, I did it. I'm glad you like it.

I didn't really knew they did, but on the talk page there was a message from me trying to put it, some year ago, so I shouldn't say it's a complete surprise altogether.

I remember trying to share it with whatever fan website that could make use of it, but usually it doesn't sort out. Well, it's good there's use for it. I know on the Rule of Rose wikia, my maps are around too.

You will have to wait for a while before FF4 or FF2 wii though, don't expect these very soon.

Oh, that's a good news then. Cause, you know, I often stumbled upon people who used someone's artwork without crediting them. ^^" So I thought I'd just mention it to you. :)

So anyway. FF4 map is bigger than FF3, right? :XD:

OMG, did you play FF2 Wii already??? I haven't. I envy you. *cries* haha.

Btw, I watched the FF2 Wii trailer -- and I don't like the English voice actors. I don't mean to be racist or something, but it's kind of weird hearing Mayu (or was it Mio, or the both of them?) with English accent. :XD:
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's no real emotion in the voice actors' voices of FF2 Wii. :shrug:

Here I'm wondering whether Tecmo will make another remake of Fatal Frame I or III (or maybe both) or will they make another Fatal Frame (FFV). This series is really good. They really shouldn't stop making them lol ^^

.. (some internet spam just made me lose half the answer I intended to write, that's so sweet...)

So (I was writing just before), if it was some of my art being taken, I would probably mind, but my work isn’t good enough, or famous and promoted enough for anyone to do that, and if one was, there would probably be little to be made out from.

But regarding the maps, whilst I had fun making them, they’re just tools I’m glad to share freely. I would never mind people sharing them just for the utility and use of it, a way or another.

If they were to make money out of it I probably would, but it’s really, really unlikely to happen right?
So no worries at all there ^^ as long as there is not a (3 digits) price tag, anyone can do whatever they please with them. (I did sold one Rule of Rose map once, but at a fair price. Can’t remember how much it was, about 12 € I think. Because DA prints for such huge maps are… ridiculously off hand..)

FF4 map is bigger yes.

Actually, you spend quite 65% of the game in two buildings close to each other, that have like four levels each, so I’d say these two make something like the manor of sleep. But there the rest of the island, and there it’s like the final caves of FF3, it’s a long straight way to the end you really see only once, and it stretches the map even further than minakami village is. So I know I will work the same way that I did for FF3 (and Ror), and do the maps separately for the island shore and the main buildings, since otherwise the two buildings would be too little to really see on the full map. The main two buildings are awesome, really, but they have something horrible for me : they’re connected and there’s one level difference of height between their levels… So I can’t just do “main ground floor” for everything.

Yes, I did the wii FF2 I really don’t understand why EU got it and not US (for once). Though there’s no more sae and yae costumes to unlock. (I don’t care a s***** about Mario luigi costumes, but these were cool.) And one other thing nice: for me, poor PS2 patriot, I was only due with poor endings before, but now I can have the nicest one too, that was for xbox only before.

That’s funny, you’re not the first one to tell me how you don’t like the british voices. My opinion about it would be that british English sounds to Americans hears like Canadian French does to mainland French ears : just weird to say it in only one word. So unfortunately for Americans, that’s something difficult. But for me, with English being a foreign language, the difference is quite soft, and my ears don’t really mind at all. I don’t think it’s racist, it’s just that other accents always sound strange. I don’t know how british people think about usual Americans voices. I know Canadian and Belgium French accents sound a bit silly to “main French”. I’m not sure about the other way around.

About emotions, I don’t know if that was the voices, or the fact that the game is really easier, but I felt less. There is some times where mio and mayu called each other with a bit of anxiety, and when mio (can’t remember which one is which one…) starts to talk like sae, and more and more over time… Well, I felt less emotions on wii. Less empathy about their anxiety, and the fear of mio losing her mind. Sae’s laugh was maybe a bit less dramatic too. Otherwise, it’s quite good overall.

There are a few tweaks that makes the game a bit better. Though I did managed to block the points counter at 999999… Quite easily… That’s the only ff where I managed to do that. It really is easier. A few changes, a few more save lamps (some are really useless), and while I was hoping through the game there would be a new one at The Place where it lacked one, that is before the final fights… They did not… Fuuuuudge. And the mourners are still awful : )

When I’ll do the maps for FF2 wii, I’ll do it the new way since that huge thing is really uneasy to manipulate. I’ll separate the maps into Mura, Houses and undergrounds.

Me too I sincerely wish the series’s not over. I gave up on silent hill, I still have great hopes for ff3. Good thing it can hardly fall into an action game with its fighting system! That’s one of the best insurances we can have. I know the Tecmo team have split up into two subsidiaries, (poetically named team 1 and team 2 I think.) The licence is still somewhere, I don’t know if they have any project about it, but I sure hope so.

A remake of the first would be nice, but unlikely. The third isn’t really material for remake. There were some mistakes and improvement on wii between ff4 and ff2wii, but it wasn’t very very… well. I bought the wii for these games so I’m not 100% sure, but I’d say you could do as good, if not better, with a common pad in hands. The wii thing is a bit gadget. Though, the wii U, with it’s screen pad, it seems quite made for fatal frame don’t you think? Maybe spirit camera was a first try on their way to the next generation and game? That would be awesome.

FF4 was a bit off in regard of its story, the mood and story were losing themselves in the last parts of the game unfortunately. Rougetsu had a lot of potential, but they made so little of it. I just hope they can write a good story...

That was long enough, I’ll stop there.
See you !

I can't comment much about FF4 since I haven't played it yet, but I'm really interested in it. When I first knew FF4 was set on an ISLAND, in a HOSPITAL/sanatorium, I was like; OMG, that's really cool~~~~ :XD:
It's totally amazing; the first game was set in a mansion, second game in a village, third game; well it's set on a big location too, and then the fourth game was on an ISLAND. That's like a perfect material for survival horror game. haha.
About the unsatisfactory story and characters of FF4, maybe it has something to do with Nintendo? Like, the past 3 games were made by Tecmo ''alone'' and FF4 was the first game to be made with Nintendo, right
? I'm just guessing though. :XD:

English is a foreign language to me too, but I definitely prefer American English than British... Maybe I'm just too picky, hehe.

It sounded totally weird you know, when I heard Mayu's accent. I did watch the trailer only, but I heard how "un-cute" Mayu sounded when she called Mio's name as a kid (that flashback when Mayu fell down and broke her leg). The old voice actor used softer voice when they acted as little Mayu/Mio, but I didn't hear that difference in the FF2 Wii voice actor in the trailer I watched. I felt like there's no emotion there in the new voices. *sigh

I haven't heard Sae's new voice actor, but her crazy laughter in the FF2 PS2 is too epic to be replaced. lol

One of the reasons people like in Remakes is a chance of getting a better quality render. Like, FF1 will definitely be scarier with high quality graphics. I would love to see a remake of FF3; I love it most than the other games so it'd be great if I can see the FMV's and cutscenes in HD. hoho. :XD:
Though I have a feeling PS3 (or even PS4) is actually a better choice than Wii. >_<

Yeah, I've known the FF4 story. The only ''connection'' that I felt with the game is Ruka and his father's relationship. I felt sympathy for Ruka since she was being taken away from the island. It looked like she cared for her father a lot and missed him so. But Misaki and Sakuya's (and other characters) relationship wasn't really "interesting''.

A good story and character should really come first rather than just mere scary ghosts or great graphics. Hopefully Tecmo and this team that works on Fatal Frame will prosper and continue to live on... so we can see another addition in the series! ^o^ *hahaha *a fan can hope, ne? :XD:
Sleep priestess lie in peace ! Sleep priestess lie in peace ! If the priestess wakes from her dream ! Perform the rite of stakes and limbs inned tight ! Lest the door open wide ! And Suffering Unleach on all !

That woman is coming after me.

I can see her even when I'm awake now.

Bit by bit, I'm going in deeper. It's cold. It's dark. I can hear a song...

"You said you would come back!"

That game is so cool ! 

Yes it is. Rarely I felt so attached to the main character.

Sometime in the future, I'll work on the maps of the fourth installment now.

All the Fatal Frames have very likeable characters,
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