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May 30, 2012
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Fatal Frame 2, Minakami Village by kangeis Fatal Frame 2, Minakami Village by kangeis
Welcome anonymous sockless wanderer, or fellow deviant that I just spamed. (yes, yes i did)

I'll keep the useless chat for the second part.
The map is complete, and was checked with a copy of the official guide so there is little chance of misses.

The only major stretch i did is on the osaka passageway. I made it rotate by pi, so it wouldn't cross over the other part...
AND also because if it was truly meant to cross the main passageway to the abyss Before the earth link, i would need to stretch the passageway even more than it already is! In the bridge area, it would be even longer, and after osaka, it would be compressed to death. (so that the abyss could stay
below misono hill... Without putting the hill a mile away!).

What i mean is : the in game maps are sometimes screwed. So there is a fake osaka basement alongside, and i turned by pi the real one.
The minor stretches are mostly on the twin houses. It should be less noticeable.

This time there is caption somewhere on it. I know the map is not really easy to handle, but maybe i will simplify it in a few separated and smaller maps without surrounding, so it can be printed more easily. That was a lie.

If you wonder about the harukami shrine hidden in the Kurosawa garden (or the passageways you never went into), i had my fun, that's all.

Edit : darn, Deviantart doesn't hold pictures more than 18000 by 10800 pixels. It will be hard. What ? 40 megs .jpg are too heavy ? Tss. Well, i must admit my computer had a bit of troubles puzzling the 42 scans yeah...
So as you can guess, the picture is not as large as it was at first, it was a tiny bit too big anyway.

Now it's time ! Don't mind me, the picture is what you should be here for. Any question welcome, and i do mean Any.

Well, it was really a nice work, and i needed it that good.
I'm more and more exhausted lately, and it looks like there won't be any end to it. I'm confident enough for my studies exams, and it's the most important today. I'm glad I have that certitude, but i feel like i'm going to collapse soon after a very long scream "fuckooooff" at everything and everybody (but just after the final exam of course). Well, i would gladly do it, if i was not starting to work the very next morning. So it will be three weeks later, maybe...
Present is really harsh lately, it's difficult and painful. I have two (or five) more weeks to hold on.

It was good to work on these maps, even if it almost killed my laptop to process a picture of 42 scans of 7 megs each. It was a long work. (The painting is 1.5 by 1.3 meters. Three times the new Himuro mansion... (it means something like 4 by 5 feets) Luckily, My daler-rowney watercolours are still kickin'! (However, tolens white gouache is crap! Looks like they put some diluted acrylic inside!)))
So many parenthesis. I should use [this] too next time.

Gosh, i don't want to be tomorrow... I don't want to use my f***ing cellphone anymore ! I hate that tool. I swear, when my job is done, i will burn that plastic sh*t. That will be my best christmas ever !

I know i will survive, i know i will pass my exams and defense just fine and get my diploma in a month (unless i headbutt someone, but i don't plan on doing so, so far). I know i will be enrolled in next year. I know my work will go just fine, with kind people around. But i'm tired, and stressed, and anxious about everything, and it grows geometrically upon futur-length parameter. I don't feel safe or at home where i'm lodging now. I'm exhausted from using my Hated cellphone to arrange meetings, and stuff, and stuff. I hate calling, it tires me and makes me more anxious than meeting someone. I hate it, and it is non stopping lately. I feel like i won't be able to do it anymore very soon. I know things will work out, but i'm on edge and my hands are shaking a bit too much. And i'm getting fat too. And my granma is being burried while i'm on an exam tomorrow, thousand kilometers away. I'm sorry and sadden for my dad most of all. Life do not suck, but i need a major break. Soon. But this summer i should prepare for next year... It's like i'm more and more tired, and it's never ending stress. I don't know how to relax anymore. It's currently a low point for drawing and stuff. I look forward Ror next gift, it could help me a bit.
I simply cannot find a way to relax and feel better lately. Any idea ?

Now, if anyone was bored enough to read all this useless talk about my current life. I have a thing for you : maybe the lie before was not quite true. If someone actuallly do ask for a simpler map, and prove being sockless or uncombed, i could craft some maps easier to handle and maybe print out. I could plan something like that for my personnal use anyway.

I was planning to say something that was just moronic it's deleted now, but i'll put that on my headspin starting. Time to end this soon, computer is already wavering a bit too much.

Viva yaoi & yuri.
hi doki. can't think of anything clever to say for now, but i think of you.

Real size : 1.50 x 1.30 m

Edit : the map should be of less weight now
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wow great work!


love the map!


Thank you.

That one was a big work. ^^

I have not played this game but really beautiful map as well!
Thank you. It's my largest painting to date, and the one my laptop nearly died processing the 42 A4 scans together.

Now the puzzle-painting is back in one huge thing, but it looks quite messy between some pieces unfortunately.
But since the remake of Fatal Frame 2 on wii is awaiting it's map, I'll have another chance for minakami mura.

The FF are somewhere between Silent hill and Rule of Rose, and became the game serie I preferred, much over Silent hill now. If you liked Ror, and survived the battle system, you should definitely try the fatal frames.
Catrina-Nightrider Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous! :D
I'm glad you like it ^^
I think this was the largest image/artwork I've seen so far. 12464x10799 and 56.9 MB!
But this was truly amazing~ :clap:
Are you an architect/studying architecture? It's so cool seeing your ''Minakami Village construction'' image and this one was fantastic. ^o^

I hope everything's better now for you! ^-^
I can tell you it was the biggest picture i ever edited. Paint was not enough to process this, so i used gimp. If the image is 10799 px long, it's only because deviantart can't take bigger. "Originally" it was 19666x17001px. 42 scans to put together. It was funny, though my laptop must have suffered a bit : )

It's funny you find it amasing ^^, i'm glad you like it.
(Un)fortunately (?) i'm neither an architect nor studying it. I'm an artist in heart and a chemist researcher in studies/job. (specialised in coatings, so paintings)

But i enjoy a loooot making useful maps. Something i took back from my journey in silent hill probably. I plan to do obscure 1 & 2 also. And maybe redo- Rule of Rose. Well, so to say, more are to come ! And since you liked it, i'll see if i can do a "manor of sleep construction".

Thank you for your word. Yes, everything, and i do mean everything, is now far better. I'm now wasting my money in junk food and buying video games from japan. Life is good!
OMG. I never thought an image could be that big. o.o
Even a 3000ish pixel image was kind of too big to see in a laptop. :XD:
I'm sure my laptop will die if I am to open that 19000ish pixel image. lol.

Whoa. That's even more amazing! You're not an architect or studying to be one but your drawing definitely looked as if it was made by an architect. :wow:
I'm saying my honest opinion here. That was totally amazing~ :love:

I'm not familiar with those video games. Do the games (Obscure 1 and 2, and Rule of Rose) fall in survival horror genre too? ^^

Aww, you don't have to do that! I know it took a lot of time and energy to draw those awesome maps. You don't have to draw Manor of Sleep map for me. I'm just glad to find another Fatal Frame fan too. -^o^-

I'm happy for you too~
It's great to be able to buy every video games you want. I'm not that lucky though. lol. :XD:
But I'll find my own money soon and buy every video games I want (I won't buy them with my parents' money. :XD:)
Yes, they are survival horror.

Rule of Rose is unique. From what i saw, it looks like a bit like fatal frame 3, except you don't have the camera and there are no ghosts (only strange Munch's scream-imps). You use "weapons" like knife and pipe. One thing enraging most of the players is the main gameplay. It's a PS2 game using Old PS1 style. Put simply, you fight (and move) like harry mason in silent hill, only slower. If you get used to current, smooth, video games, it will be a hard one at first and you can expect a few raging game over.
Rule of rose is unique, but mostly because of it's mood, it's strange story and story telling. You will never be sure wether she is dreaming, alive, dead, or something else. You get caught with her in a strange world, where everything has a hidden meaning. And i do mean EVerything. You play in a victorian (english 1930) context and you might enjoy its sepia tone and huge poetry.
The story in rule of rose is more rich than any other i ever found in a survival horror game. The game was not very liked, because it's not meant for those who wants to "beat the game" (it's deserved by the gameplay), but it's a lifetime experience for those who wants a rich and mature poetic story.

If you beat the game straigth, you won't understand a thing about the story anyway, it's a thing you have to do cautiously.

Well, you can understand from the length of that reply that : if you never played rule of rose : you should try it. If in FF3 you enjoy the mood more than "shooting", you might like it, and never forget it.

Obscure is another unique survival horror video game, but is another kind. The game promoted itself as being teenage-horror movie kind. If you saw the movie 'The faculty', you'll see a lot of common points. So, it seemed liked a cheap rock-n-roll beat the crap out of zombies thingy. It's far more than that. The story is good, and more researched than in resident evil. It doesn't include a cultural aspect like Fatal frame or a psychological aspect like silent hill or RoR, so it's more of a straigth away story. No big surprise during the game so. But as i said, and i mean it, the story is better than the one of all resident evil games. Obscure doesn't "pretend" being awesome or epic. And that modesty is a good point for something that is not as stupid as it look.

The main advantage of obscure is that you can play it with a friend. You can do all the game at two players, and that's simply amasing. The gameplay is very smooth and easy.
Another good thing about obscure is the context. A highschool built in 1903. Once again, the game was promoted as teen targeted, so the setting is a highschool. "Yes, but what does it matter it was built in 1903?" you might wonder. Ah ah, that's once again a very good thing served behing the mask of shallowness : THe whole building is "art nouveau". And that mean there is a real style in the whole graphical aspect. And believe it, you can encounter statues from Georges Minne, architectures from Henry Van de Velde and a pendant made Francisco Durrio de Madron. You know there are not many video games able to show you that much art nouveau (behind the freaky monsters still).

And the last but not least good thing about obscure : the musics. There too, the game was promoted by youth bands, but only for intro/outro : ) In the game, you have Olivier Derivière composing with paris opera children choir and orchestra. It means the musics are among the best you ever heard.

For me, it was the first game i mapped, because the maps are coherent. (and you get lost underground at first). Obscure costs nothing and is a very surprisingly good videogame. Obscure 2 is the sequel ans is a cheapper survival horror. (linear, no choices... But a darker scenario served with the same kind of fantastic musics.)


I plan to map out fatal frame 3 and 4 (and 2 wii edition too...) You will check for FF3 accuracy then.
And i bought all that with the money i did during my small job this summer : ) I'm wasting my honestly earned money ^^
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