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serlink12 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
happy birth day :)
MarijanS Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Hello there! Your maps are quite impressive (not to mention really helpful!). You saved my ass with the ObsCure map. Currently doing a writing project of mine and I was in dire need of a map and there you are! Keep up the good work!
PS: Ever heard of Corpse Party? I'm pretty sure people would be very grateful for a detailed map of the entire school. Oooh-ooh! Maps for Cold Fear and The Thing too! (heavy horror fanboy, don't mind my rambling) :D
kangeis Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015

I'm glad the map was useful. (It's meant to be.)
Without knowing what your project was, I'm not sure how I did help but you're very welcome anyway. 

I've never heard of corpse party nor cold fear, and I'm not playing much videogames anymore anyway. 
I've however played (and finished! tough one) the thing. That game was incredible, though I don't think it would be easy to map, it has too much of a "FPS" kind of mapping. (different unrelated levels, multiple layers and different corridor sizes... I specialised in more "realistic" maps, that could be actually seen as fire security maps in buildings. The maps that give you all the informations you need to know. (Another example was the maps in silent hill games where the door you couldn't open where crossed in red, and had useful annotations like that.)

I liked and began with Obscure because the map WAS logical (at least at first sight and on most places) and knowing where things where was a help. The funny thing about it is that ObsCure 2 maps are not logical anymore on some places. (try putting the dorms second stairs when you're looking from outside the building, or the hospital north wing above the parking lot. Good luck with physics!)

Unfortunately, regarding keeping the good work, I don't see that happening soon.
I have all the roughs for fatal frame (project zero) 4 and 2 wii edition (because there are many differences with ps2 ^^), as well as obscure 2. However I have neither time, nor will to work on them anymore.
Maybe someday it will happen, but it's getting less and less likely. I'm not throwing them away at least.
I wouldn't say "it's a lot of work", it's not video editing I do, but rather than my passions (and preoccupations) have moved toward something else these last years. 
Still, fatal frame 2 map was something like 1 x 2 meters large, that was hell to paint, cut in pieces, scan, and reorder the pieces with gimp. I never want to work with a 1Go picture file ever again (my computer can't do that anymore.)

So various reasons just to say don't expect new maps. It might happen but it can't be foreseen anymore.

If you like horror games, I recomend you the (free, fan made) game that spooked me the most. It's a fps based on half life 2 engine, but I guarantee you it spooked me more than any other hooror game EVER. It's called Nightmare House 2, and it's free to play. DO it. You won't regret it. 

Thank you for your word, and have fun playing the other games : )
MarijanS Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Student General Artist
And the reward for the longest reply ever goes toooo...! 
Just kidding, but I really appreciate that you took your time to answer and explain everything rather than just saying: "Thanks. No.". The project was about writing a fanfiction that involved Corpse Party at the time. I did finish it and the maps proved very useful. The next in line is Obscure so your map will help quite a bit. Regarding everything else, The Thing is indeed awesome, though I guess it really would be hard to map it. Haven't played Obscure 2 YET, but I plan to. As per request, I won't expect any new maps but I did like the ones you already made. Whatever new interests you've found, the most important thing is to have FUN, and LOTS of it. I mean, I wouldn't do anything if it weren't fun. I wouldn't draw, play or write if I didn't find it entertaining. Anyway, whatever you do, remember to enjoy it. :D
Nightmare House 2, can't say I've heard about that one but I'll give it a shot!
Thanks for the reply, I'll have fun playing the games. You too have fun with everything!
pluvis Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Hey~ How are you? :XD:
(I'm the one who commented on your Himuro Mansion map and shared some tips on catching FF3 ghosts. lol. ^^)

I just thought to stop by and say hello. :D
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